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ViestiKirjoittaja karhuwaari päivämäärä La Heinä 15, 2006 3:55

Käänsin yön hiljaisina tunteina
innoittamana Kalifin koko "komeudessaan"
englannin kielelle. Haluan nyt jakaa
epäpätevät teidän, kuhalaisten kanssa:

In a hidden house
Black substance
glowing in the jar
changing its form

six o'clock at night
substance moves a bit
young doctor
rockin in hes chair

Doctor sleeps alone
cork is opening
substance from the ear
finds its way inside

Doctor screams out loud
with hes brain in fire
only fakir can
lead us to the peace

In the eastern kingdom
man with turban
wet hookah percolates
in the shadow

milk, nectar and honey
available at bazaar
Imaam can make
even the desert blooming

From the hookah can breathe in the holiday
caliph and the friends most loyal

The secret cult controls the black light
the new lord is cursed by the citizens


Let us in already (already)
Caliph! Caliph
Let us in already (already)
Caliph! Caliph!

My brain has been taken over by
the masters commanding voice
I cant resist
dont want anything

My body lies in the park
and its punching with fists and yelling
Who is it swinging
what is it wanting

Why is there in my bed
hay and this goo
I cant remember a thing
I dont know anything

In the night did they hide
to grass that bubling corpse
Still more light
Give me more light

Oh my little hawky
You are my own skipper
When you carry me with your wings
and give me warmth
I know that im your hearts prisoner
thats what I wont ever desert no
but stick to it

You know everything about my dreams
and answer to my feelings
so that all the world can see our love

Ascets back
can taste some stick
Fakir hasnt got
sense in hes skin

ascet sits down
in to hot coal
steamy leg
gives the face grin

now its the time
to trip the master

After taking energy-meal
full of carbohydrate
fakir chooses hes firmest
walking stick
and goes to work
looney doctor who is seduced by
black light is found in the park dancing
with a rotten cock. Fakir restores
doctor to hes senses. Doctor is posessing
a manuscript which tells how
to manifacture an antidote.
This is how caliph is thrown from his throne.

Fakir knows that only caliphs mistress
can offer the antidote for caliph.
thats why, AND ONLY THATS WHY this ascetic
fakir transforms himself to miss Tiira.

The last, crucial round begins.

Master and the peipings mandarin
eat from the fruit bowl in the divan
the black substance covering the sand dunes
brings up the party spirit. Caliph laughs.

Look at the caliph!

Give us light already
Who is the caliph?
Give us light already
Step forward

Who is the caliph?

Miss had her head,
messed up, she tried to find
in her sleepy dreams
herself a close friend
nights she spent crying with a pipe

few people understand
how hard the life is
to miss Tiira
the happynes is blooming
in love the caliph is the man

Lets go already baby
Miss Tiira, Miss Tiira
Shall we go already baby, baby
Miss Tiira, Miss Tiira

Miss is in her closet
calmly and quiet
forgets everything
forever she can rejoice now
at last the miss is happy

at last the miss is happy
Lets go already baby
Miss Tiira, Miss Tiira
Shall we go already baby, baby
Miss Tiira, Miss Tiira

In the cellar under the silk sheet
the duplicate of miss Tiira
caliph drops hes daytime diaper
the lady is smiling seductivly

"I am yours now, and forever
I cant ever love anyone else
just wait for me in here for a moment
I will prepare a suprise for you
I cant ever love anyone but you"

From the manuscript
secret poison
is cooked by doctor
in hes copper pot
Doctor is running
poison is ready
city is sleeping
garden is smelling

as miss Tiira
Fakir is offering
the hot drink
caliph takes a sip
throat is roasting
poison is working
frame is distorting
power fades away

in the cellar caliph in the floor
at last he sees the plot against him
even thought the power fades from me
the secret group will be formed again

Look me as im eating snow from the streets
listen to me singing on the roof
Believe me and see the red dream
Yell for the black light!
Yell for the black light!
Yell for the black light!
Yell for the black light!
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Liittynyt: Ke Helmi 08, 2006 16:15
Paikkakunta: Espoo, Helsingin suurin lähiö

ViestiKirjoittaja uttra päivämäärä Su Heinä 16, 2006 19:52

Englannin kieltä toisena äidinkielenäni puhuvana henkilönä minua vitutti lukea tuota!
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Viestit: 40
Liittynyt: La Helmi 04, 2006 13:05
Paikkakunta: Ovlu

ViestiKirjoittaja paskakippo päivämäärä Ma Heinä 24, 2006 22:07

Täysin englannin kieltä taitamattomana vitutti myös.
Mitä paskempi kippo, sen paskempi.
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Liittynyt: Ke Helmi 01, 2006 17:36
Paikkakunta: Hsa

ViestiKirjoittaja kerubit päivämäärä To Heinä 27, 2006 23:12

uttra kirjoitti:Englannin kieltä toisena äidinkielenäni puhuvana henkilönä minua vitutti lukea tuota!

Solidaarisuutta toverit. Jokin kummalinen (neurogravitoni?) voima saa ihmisen kirjoittamaan tuntemattomia kieliä.

Jag tycker om pojkarna! Boobies!
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Viestit: 37
Liittynyt: Ke Helmi 01, 2006 14:28
Paikkakunta: Hämeenlinna

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